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5:09 AM

Featured here are some silver rings in my treasure chest. I don't leave the house without at least three of them everyday.

The asymmetry of this ring makes it so unique. The stone is a dark green stone, which I would guess is malachite. This was handmade by Keshia Lee Codron from Amethyst. Definitely my favourite ring.

Quite a bulky ring but very comfortable. These rings might have been permanently attached to my fingers - no one would be surprised. Multiple times I have left the house without rings, only to run back because something didn't feel right.

In 2012 I travelled to Swaziland with my parents, and we ended up in an artist's town in the Free State, Clarens (South Africa). It's one of those quaint towns with multiple craft and vintage shops. In the main street, the Mona Lisa Garment Gallery is situated - this is where I bought this vintage ring. Filigree jewellery is not as popular as it used to be - few artist actually still use this technique. I would love to know the history behind this ring.

If you have any idea which stones these are, let me know, I would love some more opinions. Also, if you are a jeweller, or own a few precious rings of your own, share it with us.
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