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6:15 AM

Rugs, especially oriental rugs have a certain mystery to them. Each rug has a story; perhaps the symbols portrayed on them do not even have significant meaning, but the stories behind each weaver, the technique, the history - that is the magic. Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Middle East and Asia are the countries where these techniques and traditions originated from. There is some evidence that the weaving of pile rugs were present even before 2,000 BC.

It's perfect for creating spaces, making a practical space interesting and defining the style of a space.


And if, like me, you can't afford an oriental rug, there are multiple rugs available that could create the same feel.

I have this woven rug in my room - a pop of colour and some texture.

It even makes for a perfect back drop for this adorable fluff.

Definitely a must-have in any bohemian home.

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